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REPOST of >> Follow me! xD

HEY MINNA-SAN! Please FOLLOW me if you have a TWITTER account!!! >>

Wanna reach about 13+ (yeah don't have many follwers yet >.>) until the end of this week^^

Yoroshikuu ne~


IKEMEN with eng subs!!!!

Minna-san IKEMEN DESU NE ep 1 with eng subs on "DramaCrazy" *_________*

>>>> Ikemen desu ne ep 1

hey everyone i found this video in youtube and wanted to share this~
it's from music station on this friday  with kara  (korean girl group) as the guest featuring NYC and NEWS at the talking part

highlight: tegoshi doing the hip dance xDDD
(but it seems that yuma and yamada looked interested too ^^)

well whatever here is the link :


and it would benice if someone would tell me what they talked about <3
Oc Application!!! \(^O^)/ 

Part 1 : Personal information
Name (non-Japanese name is much welcomed) : Christina Le (Austrian name)/Le Yen Linh (Vietnamese name) = Lina compination of the two other names
Age :16
Brief personality : (including appearance, interest, character):
Appearance:long black and straight hair often tied to twin tail,gold brown eyes(maybe the gold is just my imagination XD),short (155cm -.-),slim??,always wears a necklace that her grandfather gave her before he died T_T,wears fashionable clothes but actually prefers normal clothes (jeans & t shirt)
Personaliy: at first glance peolpe would think I'm shy because I'm often in my own world thinking but if they get to know me better they will see that I'm very talk active,I'm usually cheerful but sometimes I can be moody as well,I can't stand to see people suffer,I like to help people very much even if I know that i can't help much i will still try my best cause I won't give up this easily,hmmm...maybe change her mood very fast to (for eample: super happy to aggressive,extremely tired to absolute hyper active {am i strange?? ^^}),loves to tease her friends and can be funny too,won't show her tears to others she will always go to somewhere nobody can see her and cries all by herself
Interest:she loves drawing landscapes and especially loves to draw peoples smiling faces, likes to design clothes too,likes to listen to music from different countries,watching news from different countries,
Occupation :Student
Life before the meeting:she is a well known rich girl living in Austria,her father became the owner of a big company after her grandfather dies,her father wish her to study hard and so that she some day becomes the boss of the company but she never wanted to do it she always wanted to travel around the world to help people who need help since she has the money too ,people may think it's easy for her to do so,because her father doesn't alowed  her to do so she often disguise herself when her parents are asleep and go to the city and help homeless people like bringing them clothes that she doesn't need anymore or bringing them food,since she is rich she goes to an elite school too and of course there are other rich student  from different countries and they always have different opinion that turns into argumente soon she tries her best to smoothen things   
Additional info : tries to help people with her own money (the money she earns by working with her own power),she speaks german,vietnamese,japanese and english currently learning france
Part 2 : Partner information
Jump boy :Yamada Ryosuke {Hikaru-kun is for hara-chan ^O^}
Nick/Local name you gave him : Chubbyman/boy,Ichigo-kun
Reason for him to be in your country :at first he was just on holiday with his family and friends
How you meet :i ran to him while trying to escape from some guards my father send to bring me back home, he though they were some bad guys and beat them up and carried me away,first i was angry at him for carrying me away and beating up my guards cause actually they didn't do anything bad and then i end up telling him my livestory and my dream (baka lina you don't even know that guy)
Other information : cause it was dark she didn't really recognize him (actually she knows him she is huge fan of hsj especially from him )

Part 3 : Country information
Country : Austria
Place of interest : vienna (capital city of Austria) ---->Sisi Museum, museum devoted to Empress Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Austria;Schoenbrunn palace  is a former imperial summer residence in Vienna,Austria;next to it is a Zoo with a tropical house everyday at 12am there will be rain shower (so don't forget to bring an umbrella with you ^^):Graz (s second largest city in Austria)----> Graz's "Old Town" is one of the best-preserved city centres in Central Europe,Salzurg is the city where famous music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born
Uniqueness of your country :best water on earth (really really ?! hehee~ but it's not really interesting though)
Other information : even though Austria seems like a really peaceful country there are many homeless people too

Part 4 : Worldwide issue
1. What do peace mean to you?There are no wars anymore and all countries are connected to each other and help poor countries gives them a place to live,food to eat and school to study,approval of other religions and maybe try to understand and learn from each others religion
2. Do you think it is possible to achieve world peace in near future?Actually not really,there are many people who says that they want peace on earth but what do they do?? sitting lazily at home watching the everday news and thinking ("Oh my god they are so poor i feel so sorry for them i want to help them") and repeating that everyday won't help them i say you have to put your own strenghth into it don't thing that other doing it is enough i you want to help them then do it so
3. In your opinion, when will the unofficial World War III end? Or do you think that a bigger World War III will happen?
I really don't know ,hope as soon as possible and there might be a bigger war too of course i don't want to people dieing everyday on earth why don't they stop already are they waiting till there own family are involved to see how much it hurts to lose someone dear to you

Part 5 : Religious view (I'm not being religionists, just want to know to make sure I won't hurt anybody if I write anything regarding any religion ^^)
1. Do you believe in God?of course i do but actually not in only one
2. If yes, what is your religion?Buddhism
3. Have you ever heard of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Jesus?yes since I'm living in Austria all my classmates are christian and i find it interesting too to learn to know abot other religions 
4. If yes, what do they mean to you?They are people who help others & and want peace?? (I' not sure what I'm writing xP)
5. Your view on Judaism and Zionism?Judaism is the religion,philosophy and way of life;and about Zionism well...i thing i have heard of them before but i don't really know anything about them so i can't tell you my view sorry.
6. Your view on Christian and Trinity? Christian---> hmmm...they have that one thing called 10 commandments right?? well i know many who don't obey this so called rules;Trinity well people who are something like idividual but are always in community as well
7. Your view on Islam and Islamophobia? they are very strict aren't they even though i don't know much about it i'm kind of scared of their religion .
Kind of like they have to marry at young age and are engaged to people who are like twice their age (for the girls)

Too long??

gambatte at finding OCs ^_^

Aug. 25th, 2010


Does anybody know if that's translated already??
And if it so could you give the link to that translation m(_ _)m

I just found it somewhere at Crunchyroll 

Aug. 16th, 2010

RankHey! Say! JUMP Ranking
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Jul. 21st, 2010


To everyone who applied for my first fiction
I'm really sorry to tell you all that I maybe won't write my story any further.
Since our summer holidays start i spend to much time on my livejournal watching videos and fanfiction of my favourite group Hey!Say!Jump! and now i even try to write all my friends are complaining cause i don't meet up with them anymore and go shopping etc.
yesterday i almost lost my bestfriend and my boyfriend nearly broke up with me (>O<) only because I don't call or text him anymore.
Because I really love him (& hey say jump ^^) i try to be more often with him but still be on lj (to see hey say jump {i know I'm such a player xDDD} but I won't write the story further meanwhile.

hope you don't grow any hatred against me. xP

 Forgotten Memories


“Hang on, don't let go of my hand“,a cute little boy who was above me said.
“But...but I have to... ,if i wouldn't you would fa...fall with me“,I tried to aswer.

“I won't fall that easily I'm a boy and not just that I'm strong too“,he tried to aswer with a smile on his face .
He looked around to see if someone was nearby so he could call for help.
“Just wait a little longer I'm sure...“as he said that my hand suddelny slip and as he turned around I could only her him scream my name after me “Lina-chan, Lina-chan....Linaaa!!!!“

“AAAAaaahhhhh!!!“I screamed, as I woke up I was lying on my bed soaked with sweat.
“Again...that dream again...“I told myself.

“Who was that boy & who was Lina?“ I asked myself as I suddenly saw a familiar figur standing by the door.
“Did you have that dream again?“that figure ask and came closer so that I then realised that it was my little sister Jasmin.
I just nodded to her question.
“I see...,don't think about it anymore and sleep ,mum said that you'd have a math test tomorrow“she said and went back to her room.
I just aswered “Yes~“ and smiled at her while she walked away.

I'm really happy to have such a caring sister like her,even though she is just 10 years old she actes much more mature as i do.

[The next morning]

“ring~ ring... ring~ ring...“(the sound of my mobile phone)
“...what??~ who is calling at that time??...“i said half asleep while looking annoyed
“Christina Le ,if you won't come out immediately we will leave without you“a girlish voice said kind of angry.
I checked my phone cause i still wasn't sure who was calling.
“Julia?! What is it? What do you mean??“I shouted
“Oh~ so you were still asleep when i called...I know little girls have to sleep longer so they could grow faster but we have a test in the first lesson so...HURRY UP!!!!“she shouted so loud that you could even hear if you were miles away.
“Shut up!... Just wait a little longer i will come out in... 5 minutes“I said and then hung up to get ready.

I grab my clothes then changed in it as fast as I could ,ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth and then ran into the kitchen to get my bread as i suddenly saw my sister comfortable sitting on the desk while eating her breakfast.

“Jasmin!!! why didn't you wake me up?!“
“Don't be angry sis i did want woke you up but the i saw your sleeping face and i though you look so cute~ I just took a picture and leave you sleeping a little longer“she grined as she said that.

...“ I was speachless


Crap!!! I'm late i should hurry up my friends are waiting outside.


Well whatever,i will be going now don't forget to lock up the door when you go ok??“I said as i run to the door.

“Yes yes“ was the only think she said


“Ah Christina finally“a pretty tall girl with brown hair said
“Sorry Cathy“i said sincerely
“Well...cause we will be late for sure let's run with our full speed“a girl about the same heigh as Cathy and blond and curly hair said while smirking cause she knows how i hate running.

(That was Julia who called earlier)
“What?! Run?! But...but i just woke up“I whined

As we arrived at school it was about 3 minutes before the test started everyone was already sitting in class as we arrived.
When the teacher came she gave us our test and everyone took their pen out to write.

[After school]

“So have you packed already?“a boy about the same heigh as me ask (his name is Simon)


Oh~ right we are going to fly to Japan in 4 days.


Erm...not really you?“ i aswered and the asked

Not?! I finished packing yesterday!!! You should hurry up we only have 4 days left!“he said it as if he was my mother

“Ok ok don't worry i will finish packing today“ i sounded a bit annoyed.



[The day before the departure/in the living room]


I'm not sure if we should let her go“i heard a manly voice speaking, it was my dad.

Me neither.“They“ are all in Japan after all“a voice said it ,it was my mum she sounded worried.


They?? Who is they??


Maybe she won't meet them anyway, i mean they are famous it's not like you can meet them anywhere in the city & Tokyo is big“my mother said.


What?! Famous who??


Because I couldn't hold back my curiosity I ran in the living room and shouted ,“What are you talking about?? Why can't you tell me these things we are a family afterall aren't we??

My parents twitch after hearing the word “Family“.

After exchanging some glances my father suddenly said after taking a deep breath “I think it's time to telling you the truth“

I was confused as he said it.
Suddenly he came to me and showed me a photo.It was a photo with many people in front of a huge mansion.


“Who are they?“ I ask with a trembling voice


Again he took a deep breath and tried to said it as calm as he could “They are your „real“ family“

“Rea...real? What do you mean by it?“ I trembed even more as I said it.


“Yes you heard what you father said they are you real family and this person is you when you were small“she said as she pointed at a little girl in the picture.

“When you were small you fell from a cliff and lost all your memories you should be happy that you are still alive , normal people would be dead immediately after the fell from such a high cliff“my mother said


“The doctor said that you were still alive because of your strong desire to live“my father added


“So...so the dream I always have was real i mean it really happened??“I shouted kind of shocked

“...“they didn't aswer cause the aswer was obviously “Yes“

“We ask your “real“ parents and your grandfather Johnny Kitagawa for permission to take you with us cause we saw you was in pain trying to get back your memories and we wanted you to make new and good memories with us ,we worked at your grandfathers' company at that time“my adoptive mother said while smiling like a real caring mother.


“Your real name is Lina Kitagawa“my adoptive mother said

“And the boy you always see in your dreams is that boy his name is Yamada Ryosuke he is your fiancé“my adoptive father added (again) while pointing at the boy in the picture.

[In the night/my room]


“...Yamada Ryosuke....“I looked at the picture and whispered before closing my eyes.

Here is the application for my fanfic "Forgotten memories"

Please read the prologue before you apply ,thanks

Apply Form

Name (real or OC name)




Reason how we met and became friends & why you became friends with me:

Hey say Jump Boy you apply for:

(Just to let you know: She exchange schools for 3 weeks with her class to japan but of course she will stay longer then planed)

Warning: you can apply for every member except from Yamaday Ryosuke

Application closed:
24th July


I have joined livejournal in april 2010, and posting my first entry now. xD, Anyway....

My name is Christina (my friends call my lina - compination of my german & vietnamese name xD)
I´m 16 years old girl
well...i think i'm a really talkactive  girl.
i can speak 3 language...german,vietnamese and english
I'm a huge fan of hey say jump and not to long ago of KAT-TUN too.
My hobbies are reading manga ,watching videos of Hey!Say!Jump! (over and over again because i don't seem to find new videos of them)  go out with friends & Listen to a lot of music, (most j-pop/rock )
Sry that i didn't write much about myself if you want to know anything don't hesitate to ask ;D

Lina~ =)



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